Our animals

Árinn från Frihamra

Gelding born 2016
a. Illingur frá Tóftum
u. Ìsafold frá Astra

A brash palomino with a big head of hair who arrived to us along  with Fálki and Mózart. He’s still quite young, but the plan is for him to be Kerstin’s  horse.

Áróra frá Unnarholti

Mare born 2007
a. Gári frá Auðsholtshjáleigu
u. Glefsa frá Brú

Gorgeous chestnut with lots of mane and forelock and a very intense “red” colour who came to us in October of 2016. A sensitive girl with nice movements who easily gets tense and stressed. She’s five-gaited and ridden and shown by Kerstin. Her favourite activity is cuddling.

Birtingur frá Birnustöðum

Gelding born 2008
a. Forseti frá Vorsabæ II
u. Ljósbrá frá Kjarnholtum I

Buckskin tobiano who came to us in 2014. Tall, strong and nice horse for all kinds of tours but he still needs some training for riding in the arena. Has a medium drive but is very smart and curious. 

Eyrir frá Þúfum

Gelding born 2007
a. Baugur frá Víðinesi 2
u. Eydís frá Þúfum

A slender, quite big tobiano with one blue eye and five big gaits. Very attentive with a big will to please. He does well as a lesson horse aswell as on the tours, and we ride him ourselves quite often too. Has also competed a fair amount of times. 

Fálki frá Hrísnesi

Gelding born 2010
e. Borði frá Fellskoti
u. Járnfrú frá Eyjarhólum

Chestnut gelding with a snip and a star who came to us in the end of April, 2021. A sensitive and beautiful horse with good posture and nice “go”. Easygoing and nice to handle and ride.

Fengur från Stora Syltvik

Gelding born 2006
a. Frami från Häringe
u. Miska från Stora Syltvik

Calm and nice four-gaited horse who has been in a few competitions. Has a big, round both canter and trot. He does most things without fuss and worked as our packhorse in the summer of 2020. A very foodoriented guy.

Fiðla frá Minni-Borg

Mare born 2010
a. Dropi frá Stóra-Dal
u. Freydís frá Reykjavik

A special, curious, and most of all adorable chestnut girl who came to us in 2017. She might not always be the fastest, but when the mood strikes she has very nice movements. She likes things to go a bit her way, and prefers her training to be fun.

Folda frá Natthaga

Mare born 2012
a. Kvistur frá Skagaströnd 
u. Ùlfhildur frá Kjartansstöðum

A black mare who arrived to our stables in late February, 2021. She’s quite green still but has all the basics down and is happy to work. She has been ridden as leadhorse on a few tours and is doing great.

Gneisti frá Lynghóli

Gelding born 2008
a. Krákur frá Blesatöðum 1A
u. Leista frá Lynghóli

A small four-gaited horse with blue eyes and a big personality. He has a lot of quite strong opinions. Before he came to us in 2014 he covered some mares in Iceland. Has very nice gaits and has been to a lot of competitions, he likes to run fast!

Gæfa frá Ysta-Gerði

Mare born 2015
a. Gangster frá Árgerði
u. Kráka frá Blesastöðum 1A

A younger sooty chestnut that arrived to our stables together with Folda in the end of February, 2021. Very petite in the build and definitely on the smaller side sizewise. A curious and resolute little lady with a nick for chewing on fencepoles. Also known as “the Beaver”…

Heiður frá Minni-Borg

Mare born 2007
a. Forkur frá Austurkoti
u. Huggun yngri frá Minni-Borg

A petite flaxen chestnut who came to us in 2017. She has five nice gaits but requires some assistance from her rider to properly use her body. Willing with a lot of go but gets a little tense at times.

Hlín frá Minni-Borg

Mare born 2012
a.Garri frá Heysholti
u. Hera frá Minni-Borg

A bay dun mare who came to us in 2017. She has nice, soft gaits but at times her legs still tangle a little bit. A curious girl who finds many things very interesting and sometimes struggles to focus for longer periods of time. 

Hrafna frá Austurkoti

Mare born 2013
a. Gaumur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu
u. Hylling frá Minni-Borg

A big, black mare who came to us in 2019. Matti is the one competing and working with her. She has four powerful, nice gaits. A girl with a lot of “go”, she tries her best to get the other mares to play with her. 

Kafteinn frá Borgarnesi

Gelding born 2009
a. Klerkur frá Bjarnanesi
u. Von frá Rauðbarðaholti

Funny, quickwitted grey gelding who came to us in 2014. Have been to a few competitions and has good gaits. A horse with a lot of humor who likes finding his own paths, and is a fantastic swimmer!

Kapteinn frá Miðhjáleigu

Gelding born 2005
a. Nn frá Hurðarbaki
u. Orða frá Skáney

Energetic grey gelding who likes to work. Came to us in 2014. He’s very beautiful with his wavy mane and has been competing quite a few times. Fits best with a more experienced rider.

Kristall från Kebnekaisefjällen

Gelding born 2009
a. Flipi från Österåker
u. Kátína frá Vestri-Leirárgörðum

Kátina, who was Matti’s riding horse, is the mother of this boy born here at the farm. He’s a sensitive guy who’s easily stressed and likes to tail after Ottar. Has four good gaits and a great sense of balance.

Máttur från Björkåsen

Gelding born 2006
a. Bjartur frá Egilsstaðabæ
u. Fiðla från Björnås

Chestnut gelding who came to us in the spring of 2014. A tall, willing four-gaited horse who has been competing in four-gait and tölt on loose reins. He’s a real handsome guy who plays quite rough in the pasture. Fits nicely with most riders and very rarely raises his brows at anything.

Mózart från Hålåsen

Gelding born 2010
a. Reimar från Hålåsen
u. Melódía från Hålåsen

Bay gelding who came to us in the end of April, 2021. A well educated horse with a broad, good build. He takes most things as they come but isn’t too fond of being alone. A phenomenal jumper!

Náttfari frá Melum

Gelding born 2010
a. Hlekkur frá Þóroddsstöðum
u. Djásn frá Melum

Beautiful gelding who came to us in the spring of 2016. A very gentle soul who in actuality is quite sensitive and likes things to be clear. He’s been to a few competitions and has five soft, rather nice gaits.

Óttar frá Vestri-Leirárgörðum

Gelding born 2004
a. Hróður frá Refsstöðum
u. Orða frá Vestri-Leirðargörðum

Nice five-gaited horse who has been Matti’s riding horse and competed with a lot of good results. An incredilbly kind and stable gentleman that the rest of the flock likes to rely and lean on. 

Sóley från Kebnekaisefjällen

Mare born 2009
a. Ísar frá Keldudal
u. Kosning frá Birkihlíð

A chestnut dun who was born here in 2009. Her mother is Kosning. Nice to work with and has good gaits, but needs clear signals. A little bit of a princess and much appreciates it if you praise her very loudly and excitedly.

Sónar frá Austurkoti

Gelding born 2007
a. Kjarni frá Þjóðólfshaga 1
u. Dýna frá Minni-Borg

An impressively intelligent and calculating chestnut with a long blaze. Came here in 2017. He’s often the one initiating the games in the pasture and carries himself in a rather proud manner. Wellbuilt with quite big movements. Fivegaited.

Stígandi frá Minni-Borg

Gelding born 2010
a. Þristur frá Minni-Borg
u. Sóley frá Stærri-Bæ

Tall chestnut guy who came to us from Iceland in 2017. Has a neverending will to please and do right for himself and is a pure joy to work with. He’s got four big, soft gaits but is still a little unbalanced. It’s a work in progress.

Stjarni från Broaskog

Gelding born 2015
a. Hugur från Brösarpsgården
u. Ljosaðis från Broaskog


Stormur frá Skarði

Gelding born 2012
a. Arður frá Brautarholti
u. Hringja frá Skarði 

Slender bay gelding who came to us in 2019. A little more on the sensitive side but has a good drive. The tölt is his best gait but the other three are in no way something to be complained about.

Tígull frá Minni-Borg

Gelding born 2009
e. Fjarki frá Feti
u. Lísa frá Þorlákshöfn

Piebald gelding who came here from Iceland in 2017. A beautiful fivegaited horse with good gaits and great spirit. Does well with most things and can be ridden by most people. In the summer he does a lot of the longer tours.

Þórgnýr frá Ytri-Skógum

Gelding born 2009
a. Þóroddur frá Þóroddsstöðum
u. Gná frá Ytri-Skógum

A very sensitive guy who came to us from Island in 2019. Solely worked by us but has splendid movements and is both willing and happy to work. He much prefer things to stay the same as they have always been, change and new people and scenarios are no hits in his book.

Týr frá Litla-Moshvoli

Gelding born 2012
a. Ás frá Ármóti
u. Tign frá Litla-Moshvoli

A big bay laphorse. Tyr came to us in the beginning of 2019. At that time he had not been introduced to a rider, nor had he been handled much. But during the summer of 2020 he tagged along on a few tours. He likes being involved and cuddling, perhaps more with humans than with other horses. Loves water.


A wild lady, born 2015. She learns quick but has a lot of her own will. A mixture between Finnish Sami dog and Border Collie. Follows on some riding tours but prefer the snowmobile tours.


King of the stable. Quite social but disappears when it’s to much people. Keeps the mice away with some help from the dogs. Born in 2004.

Ben and Girjjat

Ben, also called “Elvis”, and Girjjat are our new goats. They moved to us in 2021. Girjjat is Sami and means the color spotted, a “lappget” (Sami goat), girl. Little Ben is an African dwarf goat (castrated male). 


Both Kerstin and Matti own reindeer. They are in the mountains in the summer and wander down to the woodlands in the winter time. For us, the reindeer is a really important animal and a big part of the Sami culture.


During winter timer we usually have as many moose as we have horses at the farm. They come here to steal hay from the horses and walk around however they like.