Travel here

We are located in the northernmost part of Sweden, in the village Puoltsa which is 25 km west of Kiruna, next to the Kalix river. If you continue west you find Nikkaluokta and the highest mountain of Sweden, Kebnekaise.

You travel to Kiruna by train, plane och car. 

To get to Puoltsa and Nikkaluokta you can go by car or bus (usually 2 trips/day during the season) If you need a transfer from Kiruna we can organize that for the cost of SEK 500 per person. 


At SJ’s website you can book train tickets to Kiruna. Between Stockholm and Kiruna there is night train without change. From the train station there are free shuttles to the city center. 

SJ:  +46 771 75 75 75

By air

From Stockholm there are direct flights to Kiruna, they take approximately 90 min and are run by SAS and Norwegian. From the airport there is a shuttle bus to Kiruna city center.

SAS:, +46 8 797 4000

Norwegian:, +46 770 45 77 00


By bus you go from Kiruna bus station, train station or the airport towards Nikkaluokta fjällstation, it usually departs twice a day during high season.

Nikkaluoktaexpressen:, 0980-813 11



Taxi Kiruna:, +46 980 120 20