About us

Ofelaš Icelandic horses & Guide service

We are a small tour company with focus on the Icelandic horse. We are situated in the northernmost part of Sweden close to Kebnekaise, the highest mountain of Sweden. Our idea with the company is to show our nature in a natural and eco-friendly way.

We live in an area where our Sami ancestors have been living for many thousands of years, we are always reminded of the life of past generations. That part is usually forgotten in phrase like ” the last wild”. For us it’s not wilderness, it’s our home, where our ancestors have been living for a really long time.We are happy to share our story and knowledge to people who are interested in nature and culture. We also want to offer a professional riding school with good riding education.

Summer and autumn we start our day tours from the village Nikkaluokta, by the foot of the Kebnekaise mountains. The rest of the year we have our base in Puoltsa, a village between Nikkaluokta and the city Kiruna.

We arrange all type of riding tours from a few hours to week long tours in mountain terrain. We have horses which are suitable for both beginners and more advanced riders. We can also arrange business arrangement and offer accommodation etc. During the winter season we offer day trips and longer tours with snowmobile.

Ofelaš is Sami and means “the one who shows the way”.

The team

The company is run by Kerstin Nilsson and Mats Blind-Berg, since the start 1997. Jenny Jansson and Henry Svonni work all year around at the farm. We also have some extra employees during high season.

Our animals

Right now it’s around 30 Icelandic horses at the farm, a few are private owned. We also have two cats, two goats and one dog. During the winter a lot of moose come to visit. Both Kerstin and Matti have reindeer, but they are living in the mountains and the forest, different areas depending on the season.