Whole day tour

Whole day tour on horseback

For most of the season, this tour takes place in Nikkaluokta, where we ride 15-20 km in varied terrain. Where the ride goes depends on riding experience and weather.

During the tour, we eat lunch cooked over open fire. While we are having lunch, the horses get oats and they can graze in a small coral that we set up for them. You help prepare the horses before and after the ride and we pack what we need during the day in saddle bags on the horses.


Suitable both for you with riding experience and for you who have never been riding before

Riding experience is required, you can ride in faster gaits than walk

Multiple years of riding experience is required, you can control a horse in open terrain and have a good physical health

Place: Nikkaluokta (July-Sept), Puoltsa (June, Oct)

Included: riding tour, helmet, lunch

Not included: transfer, clothes

Time: about 10-17 (7 hours)

Price: SEK 1750 per person (min 2 pers)

Minimum age: 12 years  

Maximum weight: 90 kg