26.1 2017 The summer programs are out now

28.12 2016 We have now a new mail address info@ofelas.se
19.12 2016 To contact us for the moment, use the temporary mailadress ofelas@live.se, because the mail server for the other one has crashed
21.11 2016 News about horses
21.11 2016 New tours out
10.7 2016 The winter programs are on the homepage

30.12 2015 The summer tours are on the web
22.8 2015 Winter tours ready
27.1 2015 Kebnekaise on horseback - updated
10.1 2015 Summer tours updated, some more new tours are also coming

28.11 2014 New horse from Iceland has arrived
22.9 2014 The tours for the winter are updated
22.9 2014 Spreakur has moved to Anna from us and we are buying some new horses from Iceland
21.9 2014 Long time ago we updated the website, because of technical problems, sorry, but look at our facebookpage
31.3 2014 Changed dates for the two and three days mountain trails
31.3 2014 An article about our moose safari on horseback A cruising couple
7.1 2014 The summers riding tours are on the website now

4.11 2013 NEW snowmobile tours for the winter like arctic wildlife safari, under the Milky Way and overnight tour
15.9 2013 Kátina has got retirement from us and has moved down to the coast
28.8 2013 Winter riding tours are now on the site
16.8 2013 Look at our facebook page for news and pictures from this summer facebook OFELAS
16.8 2013 Now is the end of the summer and the autumn is on the way
3.6 2013 Two gold to Kerstin and Breki and two gold to Matti and Ottar last weekends competition in Gällivare
22.5 2013 See us in TV program "Det stora uppdraget" part 9 and 10 Det stora uppdraget
21.4 2013 Extra date for a three days tour - 28-30 of Aug
21.4 2013 Look at our facebook page facebook OFELAS
21.4 2013 the winter season is over now and we start to wait for the summer
25.3 2013 Vår trotjänare Hjörtur har flyttat från oss ner till Skåne, tack för de många åren hos oss!
7.2 2012 Our riding classes start again week 11
7.2 2013 Riding camp four children/youngsters in June
7.2 2013 Now it is time to book summer trails
5.2 2013 Look on our facebook page for a diary fron our winter week facebook OFELAS
15.1 2013 Our company has been nominated as one of three to Ecotutismprize 2013!

28.8 2012 Look at facebook for fresh info and pictures from this summer
28.8 2012 The riding school starts v 40
28.8 2012 In Nikkaluokta September out with half day and whole day tours, and a special one with sauna and hot tub after the riding
15.7 2012 Some pictures from the last Nikkaluokta trail Nikkaluoktatur 1 2012
28.6 2012 New tour for this summer - Hiking tour with pack reindeer
5.5 2012 Three new horses in the stable, Renna, Draumur and Keilir
26.4 2012 Next winter rides are on the web now
24.4 2012 New horse in our stable, his name is Fengur and he is 6 years old
30.3 2012 Some new dates for the riding weekend, feel well on horseback and two-days mountain trail
7.2 2012 Now we have a NEW facebook page facebook OFELAS
7.2 2012 Look at the website for the new Midnightsun ride!
7.2 2012 Now all of the summer tours are on the website
1.2 2012 At the moment a lot of Northern lights

23.12 2011 We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
12.11 2011 Still we are without snow here
24.9 2011 The winter programs you find on the webpage now
3.9 2011 Now we have had our last Nikkaluokta trail for this summer, look at the film Nikkaluoktatur 4 2011
30.8 2011 Matti has now a photo exhibition at gallery Skáidi in Nikkaluokta
21.8 2011 Special prices for the autumn: whole-day SEK750/half-day SEK450 (Mon-Fri), whoel-day SEK950/half-day SEK550 (Sat-Sun)
21.8 2011 Riding school starts week 40 when we are back in Puoltsa
21.8 2011 We are in Nikkaluokta to week 35, after that moving home to Puoltsa for the winter
7.8 2011 Pictures from another Nikkaluokta trailNikkaluokta trail 2 2011
22.7 2011 Some pictures from Kebnekaise on horsebackKebnekaise on horseback July 2011
18.7 2011 Pictures from Nikkaluokta trail 9-15 of July 2011 Nikkaluokta trail July 2011
4.7 2011 Now we have started with the riding tours in Nikkaluokta
30.6 2011 Now we are on facebook facebook OFELAS
24.6 2011 Pictures from the summer trail "Nikkaluokta" Nikkaluoktatrail
24.6 2011 Pictures from riding camp in June riding camp 2011
1.6 2011 Changing, one place left on the tour 23-29 of July. new date for the 3-days tour 3-5 of Aug
20.5 2011 Nikkaluokta trail 9-15 of July and 23-29 of July are now fully booked, welcome other dates
25.4 2011 One extra date for the overnight tour, 5-6 of July
15.4 2011 From this summer we are going to have more places for guests to stay overnight, because we are for the moment moving to another house and our "old" house is going to be for guests
15.4 2011 The snow is melting, this year it seams to happen very fast. We see and hear the swans which is a sign that the spring is coming. The program for the summer tour "Kebnekaise on horseback" is renewed
7.3 2011 Kerstin has been up to Tromsö in Norway over the weekend to hold riding classes pictures riding classes
18.2 2011 Two more tours are now quality-labeled by "natures best", the moosesafari and the northern lights tour on horseback
4.2 2011 "Tourquality" is a certification for quality guaranteed tourism and that is now ready for our company for years 2011-2012
30.1 2011 The programs for "Riding Weekend in the mountains" and "Feel well on horseback" are renewed
19.1 2011 Now when the sun is back we have an incredible sky, the light is fantastic......

24.12 2010 We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
27.11 2010 Look at A usual winter morning
27.11 2010 New date on the winter week, 20-26 of Feb.
17.11 2010 Here is real winter now, a really cold November we have. Mooses has arrived because of the cold and the snow, so here they are eating our hay...
4.11 2010 Summer tours are on the web now
4.11 2010 Look for the new 2-days winter program with dogs, horses and northern lights!
4.11 2010 Now we have get snow so here is winter now
23.10 2010 The young horses have come home from their summer vacation
5.10 2010 The riding school starts this week, fun for the horses to do lessons again
17.9 2010 It has happened a lot since I last wrote something here, I appologize, it has been a busy summer and now we are on the last weeks in Nikkaluokta before we move the horses home to Puoltsa. A lot of nice tours in the summer and we have also sold some animals and get some new ones. Ofeigur, Fáni and Blossi have been sold and we bought a new horse called Kjölur. We have also got two new animals, goats to us, very nice animals!
23.6 2010 Summer is on the way, from next week we are in Nikkaluokta. Jumping picture from the youngster´s riding camp, we have had two this early summer
23.4 2010 Now we have nice weather with sun in the days and cold degrees in the nights. The horses are now working in the riding school and we have also training of them.
1.4 2010 The name for our breeding is now ready, it is the mountains of Kebnekaise so our foals names are Kristall and Soley från Kebnekaisefjällen.
1.4 2010 Now the winter seson is almost over and the horses get a brake.
22.3 2010 We have got a new dog, Nova, one year´s old red-white Australian shepard.
29.1 2010 A cold beginning of the winter we have had, not so much snow yet which is good for the animals in the forest and up in the mountains. Lot of moose around here as usual, they keep eating a lot...

10.10 2009 Next summers programs are on the web now. NEW! Ridning camp in the mountains
9.10 2009 The foals again Foals
9.10 2009 Some pictures of Mattis new horse, number eight from the same farm in Iceland! Óttar
9.10 2009 Now we have got the first snow, so the winter is coming, look at our winter programs
9.10 2009 Look at some funny pictures of moose Moose
11.8 2009 Kosning got a foal 11.7, look at pictures of Kristall and Sóley Kristall and Sóley
11.8 2009 Some pictures from this summer Summer 2009
11.8 2009 Pictures from the second riding camp riding camp2 2009
20.6 2009 Pictures from the first riding camp for youngsters this year riding camp 2009
16.6 2009 Some new competition pictures Bifrost competition 2009
3.6 2009 Mats, Kerstin and Anna-Sara have been competing, look at some pictures Vindur competition 2009
25.5 2009 Kátina has got her first foal today and it is also our first! It is a stallion and father is Flipi från Österåker Kátinas föl
20.5 2009 The sun is shining and it start to be green, that´s early for the season. The only e-mail adress to us working now is ofelas@kiruna.nu
16.5 2009 Another black guy just moved from us, this time it was Blakkur
27.4 2009 New date for a overnight tour 2-3 of July
27.4 2009 Hrappur från Waxäng has moved from us to Norway
31.3 2009 Finally are the summer programs on the web in English
31.3 2009 The winter season is soon over and we have little more time now to train and ride horses
7.3 2009 Programs for this summer are finally one the website now
28.1 2009 Pictures on the new horses we bought before Christmas
28.1 2009 Some midwinterpictures midwinter
10.1 2009 Lot of nice guests from other countries we have had during the Christmas holiday, they have been on our northern lights tour on horseback, moosesafari on horseback and also guests from Icehotel on snowmobiletour looking for moose.

25.11 2008 Some pictures from Iceland Iceland 08
23.9 2008 Some of the horses have been competing this autumn, Frasi, Breki, Lokkur, Spraekur, Hrappur with the riders Matti, Kerstin and Amanda. Ymir has moved south to his new owners. The winter program is out on the website
17.9 2008 We have some horses for sale, contact us for more information
15.9 2008 The horses are now at home again after a summer in Nikkaluokta, resting a bit before riding classes start. We are planning for the winter and are looking for someone to work with us this winter, interested?, contact us
19.7 2008 We have had some changings of horses the last time: Ulfur has got a new owner, Anna-Sara but is still in our stable, Reasir has also got a new owner, Sanna. Our old Yri has left us for ever in June, we thank him for all he has given us during the years he was here. We found two new black horses, Hrappur and Spraekur and they are now here. Look at some pictures of lucky horses lucky horses
21.6 2008 Finally the horses get out on some green grass, look at the picture above
12.4 2008 We have got two new horses, Ulfur and Blakkur ulfur blakkur
11.4 2008 Short film from outside the stable tonight: horses, reindeer, moose, dog. Usual view for us but not for everyone zoo
1.3 2008 Price and dates for "Kebnekaise on horseback" is ready
6.1 2008 All the programs are up to date, sorry for the time it took
1.1 2008 We have had to change e-mail adress to ofelas@kiruna.nu

22.10 2007 Now the winter is on the way, we start to put winter shoes on the horses.
26.9 2007 We have returned home to Puoltsa after a summer in Nikkaluokta and up in the mountains. The riding school soon starts and the winter is coming closer.
29.6 2007 Pictures of our new horses
29.6 2007 Book our nice Kebnekaise tour!
1.5 2007 Small slideshow from our trip to Iceland in April Island 07
9.4 2007 If you like pictures, look at Mattis website www.ofelas.fotosidan.se
9.4 2007 More pictures, our trainees pictures from February Jennys pictures