Our animals

We have more than 20 Icelandic horses on our farm which we use for riding tours and in our riding school.We have also a dog, two goats and a cat. We have horses both for beginners and experienced riders. Here we introduce them for you.

The Icelandic horse is quite small, about 130-145 cm high with four or five gaits walk, trot, canter, tölt and pace. You can have Icelandic horses both for riding tours with beginners and for competing.

Nattfari Nttfri fr Melum
Gelding born 2010 a. Hlekkur fr Proddsstdum u. Djsn fr Melum, vBeatiful nice one who is ridden and trained by us now.

Arora rra fr Unnarholti
Mare born 2007 a. Gri fr Audsholtshjleigu u. Glefsa fr Br, chestnut 5-gaited mare who came from Iceland Oct 2016.

Sprettur Sprettur frn Bergsbacken
Gelding born 2009 a. Prins frn Knutshyttan u. Idunn frn Fagerland, moved to us in autumn 2015.

Dofri Dofri frn Fagerland
Gelding born 2004 a. Mkkur fr Varmalaek u. Frida frn Erikstorp, fmoved to us in autumn 2015.

Kapteinn Kapteinn fr Midhjleigu
Gelding born 2005 a. Nn fr Hurdarbaki u. Orda fr Skney, he came from Iceland in November 2014.

Kafteinn Kafteinn fr Borgarnesi
Gelding born 2009 a. Klerkur fr Bjarnanesi u. Von fr Raudbardaholti, funny horse who came to us from Iceland in November 2014.

Birtingur Birtingur fr Birnustdum
Gelding born 2008 a. Forseti fr Vorsabae u. Ljosbr fr Kjarnholtum 1, came in November 2014 from Iceland.

Gneisti Gneisti fr Lynghli
Gelding born 2008 a. Krkur frá Blesatdum 1A u. Leista fr Lynghli, small 4-gaiter with blue eyes who came from Iceland in November 2014.

Keilir Keilir frn Solbacken
Gelding born 2003 who came in 2012. He is a. Tyr wom Rappenhof u. Glida frn Solbacken.

Renna Renna fr Keldudal
5-gaited mare born 2001 who came in 2012. She is a. Randver fr Nyjabae u. Fidla fr Keldudal.

Fengur Fengur frn Stora Syltvik
Gelding born 2006 who came to us during 2012. Nice with nice gaits, competed. He is after Frami frn Hringe under Miska frn Stora Syltvik.

Óttar ӓttar fr Vestri-Leirgrdum
Came 2009. Mattis riding horse born 2004 a. Hrdur fr Refsstdum and u. Orda fr Vestri-Leirrgrdum.

Kristall Kristall frn Kebnekaisefjllen
Ktina fr Vestri-Leirrgrdums son born 2009 and he is a. Flipi frn sterker. 4-gaited under training now.

Soley Sley frn Kebnekaisefjllen
Mother is the mare Kosning fr Birkihlid and father is Isar fr Keldudal. Sley is a lady born 2009. Nice movements and nice to work with, under training now.

Hvellur Hvellur fr Vestri-Leirrgrdum
5-gaited gelding with nice temperament and movements which came to us from Iceland 2008. He is a. Hersir frá Oddhli u. Dama fr Vestri-Leirrgrdum.

Elja Elja fr Vestri-Leirrgrdum
Grey mare born 2002 and she came to us from Iceland 2008. She is a. Flygill fr Vestri-Leirrgrdum. u. Erpa fr Vestri-Leirgrdum. She is 5-gaited.

Blida Blida fr Hvammi
A red-haired five-gaited lady born 2001. She came to us from Iceland 2007.
Soft to ride, sensitive and easy to learn, e. Hjrtur fr Tjrn u. Lukka fr Hvammi.

Mattur Mttur frn Bjrksen
Red gelding came to us spring 2014, 4-gaited calm one. Bjartur fr Egilsstadabae and Fidla frn Bjrns are the parents.
Brenna Brenna
Brenna is a mare born 1996, she came to us to get her exema better, a. Hvinur fr Skidbakka III u. Snrp fr Hallkelsstadahlid.

Kosning Kosning fr Birkihlid
Has been Kerstins riding horse, born 1999. Nice movements, 4-gaited, a. Logi fr Skardi u. Freyja fr Birkihlid.

Breki Breki fr Vestri-Leirrgrdum
Gelding born 1998. He is a very nice riding and competition horse. Breki is a. Gustur fr Hli u. Bylgja fr Vestri-Leirrgrdum.

Frasi Frasi fr Vestri-Leirrgrdum
Gelding born 1998. Frasi was Mattis riding horse, but is now ridden by guests and has 4 very nice gaits. a. Skorri fr Gunnarsholti u. Fluga fr Steinsholti.

Luna Lunar
The king in the stable, called Lunar. He is a boy with very much hair.

Skuolfi Skuolfi
A white lady born in August 2004, a finnish sami dog. She knows very well what she likes to do or not to do.

Smilla Smilla
A new dog, born 2015, a female cross breed -finnish sami dog/border collie.

Skáidi och Rippe Skidi and Rippe
Two african dwarf goats born 2009 which moved to us in summer 2010. Tuff, small animals which have taking over in the stable...