Moose visiting

We have had a lot of moose on the farm this winter. It has been a tough winter, lots of snow and many cold days.. Therefore it’s hard for the animals to find food in the forest,but the moose here in Puoltsa are lucky to be able to come here and eat. We have put out extra hay bales for the moose and also put hay on several places for the moose that can’t make it all the way here.

Crime writers riding

The swedish crime writers Åsa Larsson and Mari Jungstedt in Nikkaluokta on a riding tour. With us we had Tigull, Breki and Hvellur, and the dog Smilla. Sunshine and a bit of snow, the last riding tour in Nikkaluokta this year. Now we will ride in Puoltsa during the winter and spring.

OFELAŠ 20 years

Ofelaš Icelandic horses and guide service is now in September celebrating 20 years. We are celebrating that during the competition that Bifrost Icelandic horse Association is having on our farm in Puoltsa 23rd-24th of Sept. We started our company with tours in Nikkaluokta September 1997. Our idea was to offer riding tours in our beautiful environment and to have a riding school.