The team

Mats Blind-Berg

Also called Matti, owner of OFELAŠ. He is from this area with roots in Girjas Sami community, and active in Sami politics and the work of the community. Likes photography, when there is an opportunity for that.

Kerstin Nilsson

Kerstin is an owner of OFELAŠ and comes from this area. She is a qualified handicraft teacher from the beginning and educated in the Sami language, has also the “riding teacher 1” education. She has the roots in Leaváš  Sami community and also has reindeer there.

Jenny Jansson

Jenny is from Arboga and has been working here for quite many years, she also lives in Puoltsa. Has a tourism education and has been riding Icelandic horse for a long time. She has her own horse at the farm, Skriða, and a Finnish sami dog called Ira.

Sara Hansson

Sara grew up on a farm in south of Sweden and have always been close to animals and nature. She studied a program called “nature guide” at Umeå university 2012-2014. The autumn after that she started working here. Her dog is the black and white Border Collie Loka.

EllaKarin Blind

EllaKarin is from the village Nikkaluokta, where she has been brought up with the tourism around. Belongs to Leaváš Sami community, and loves to spend time in the mountains and with the reindeer.  She started working with us in the winter 2017 but has spent a lot of time on the farm before that,  and been in riding school for many years.

Thomas Palm

Thomas came to us the first time in the summer of 2013, at that time as a guest on a long trail. Since than he has been on more tours and also worked here both summer and winter. He is from Gothenburg, where he have had his own Icelandic horse for 13 years.