OFELAS - islandshästar och guideservice

Is a small company with outdoor, adventure experiences as our speciality. Most of our adventure are on horseback, using our well trained and even tempered icelandic horses imported from Iceland, but other arrangements can be made. The sami culture is of great interest in our area and runs like a red thread through our lifestyle and our tours. We live in a area where our sami ancestors have been living for many thousands of years.

Ofelaš means guide or "the one who shows the way" and is a sami word. We want to be that when you are staying with us in Sápmi (the land of the Sami people). We are situated west of the city Kiruna in the northern part of Sweden near Kebnekaise mountain, the highest point in Sweden.

During the summer and autumn we are situated in a small sami village called Nikkaluokta, west of Kiruna close to the highest point in Sweden, Kebnekaise mountain. The rest of the year we are located in a village called Puoltsa, west of Kiruna (look at the map).

We have tours from a few hours to week-long mountain tours. We also have arrangements for companies, riding classes and accommodation. Our company is quality secured and we are working with environment issues. Our company, riding school and tours are autorized by the Swedish Icelandic horse association. We are also approved as a company for ecotourism (Nature´s best). We also have a approved horsefarm for tourism.

Look at our programs and contact us for more information.

OFELAS is a sami word and means guide

Mats Berg and Kerstin Nilsson

kerstin&matti etour

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